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Magical trails

Hiking in El Hierro

Whenever you want to get away from it all and be surrounded by nature, all you have to do is walk. Walk along the different trails on El Hierro and discover all of the island.

You just need a desire to discover and to let yourself be swept away by the magical feeling produced by the pleasure of walking. Although all the orography of the Canary Islands is of great geological value, the island of El Hierro has a special charm. Its 268 km2 of never-ending landscapes, full of contrasts, will take you from the sea to the mountains in just a couple of steps – just a breath.

Hiking on El Hierro is an experience that will transport you beyond what you could ever imagine. To wander along its trails is to travel ancient routes loaded with history and discover the rock carvings of the bimbapes or bimbaches, in the area of El Julan in the south of the island. Immerse yourself in a protected area with amazing biodiversity, discover places that look like a desert or rediscover colours that you thought were long forgotten.

On the Camino de Jinama, you can do some intense trekking, covering an elevation variance of 1,000 metres in barely 4 kilometres as you go along what was one of the main access routes into El Golfo Valley until the 1960s. A legendary trail of great value for the people of El Hierro.

The island of never-ending landscapes

The routes over this little island, declared a World Biosphere Reserve, will immediately captivate you with the contrast between their dark volcanic earth and their lush green forests. And if, as you wander around the island, you notice an unusual sense of being in tune with nature, don't think it strange: it is because El Hierro is the first island in the world be fully self-sufficient and 100% sustainable.

As you advance along the different trails, you will reach practically uninhabited parts of El Hierro, where you can enjoy the silence and feel the plenitude of its nature intact.

All levels of trails

El Hierro has more kilometres of trails than roads. Trails that invite hikers to walk through unique scenery, which changes radically the further you go with—at times—lots of changes in altitude. The El Hierro Trails Network represents the recovery of the island's traditional trails, approved and signposted under European standards and regulations, which have been designed for hikers of all levels.


SIf you like walking, these routes have been designed for starting to discover nature from another perspective. An initiation to mountains that will show you the most characteristic landscapes of El Hierro. Why not start with La Llanía?


Longer trails that are perfect for those who are more used to uneven terrains. Stretches where you will be able to discover the huge diversity of landscapes offered by the island.


Longer and more difficult trails, such as the Camino de Jinama, mean you will find a greater contrast of landscapes all along the way. Perfect for seeing the island from another viewpoint.