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Ruta de la Llanía

Discover all of El Hierro's landscapes

You only need two hours to discover the scenic contrasts that characterise El Hierro. La Llanía is one of the best-known routes in the northeast of the island, in Valverde. 7 kilometres there and back that reveal captivating scenery. From El Brezal—a thick, humid forest—to more solitary lands, to the black-sand calderas and the magnificent El Golfo.

The other part of the La Llanía Route

It is a longer and, perhaps, more intense stretch, so you have to be ready for it. It starts at the spring in La Llanía with a succession of unforgettable landscapes as you progress along it. Leaving the laurisilva behind, we reach the Hoya del Morcillo, pass the spring at El Lomoya—an area being reforested—and go as far as the viewpoint looking over the caldera at Hoya de Fireba. The track ends at Bailadero de Las Brujas.

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