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Sea bed of La Restinga

The Mar de Las Calmas Marine Reserve in La Restinga is a sanctuary visited every year by turtles, tunas, rays, groupers, dolphins... and, with a little luck, the occasional peaceful whale shark. The 2011 eruption led to an explosion of life that not only allowed the total regeneration of the sea bed but the creation of new underwater scenery and ecosystems.

The spectacular sea bed of El Hierro

The crystal-clear waters of La Restinga and the Mar de Las Calmas allow you to enjoy beautiful underwater scenery full of life. Of great geological value and richness, the sea bed of El Hierro is a reference point in Europe and a paradise for any diving enthusiast.

Water temperature usually ranges between 18º C and 25º C all year round, which attracts tropical and Mediterranean species that live together in this sea. The dense vegetation covering the rocky bed makes the island an ideal refuge for a large variety of flora and fauna and, occasionally, a transit zone for deep-sea animals.

Diving in El Hierro

Given its volcanic origins and small insular shelf, you can reach depths of up to 300 metres just a few miles off the coast. A coast where fishing is totally artisan to respect the marine ecosystem.
Diving somewhere subaquatic where you can enjoy clear horizontal vision of up to 50 metres is truly spectacular.

There are more than 10 dive points, and the following are particularly noteworthy due to their volcanic geography:

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Are you curious about what is hidden on the sea bed of El Hierro?
Learning to dive will open doors to an incredible world that you were unfamiliar with until now.
There are lots of diving schools on El Hierro to help you at all times.


If you have been diving for a while now, you will find unbeatable dive points on El Hierro. As soon as you are beneath the surface, you will be treated to an unforgettable underwater show.
You can also hire your equipment, if you don't have your own yet or don't want to bring it.


For anyone is like a fish in water – beneath the surface. El Hierro has a crystal-clear sea bed with unique species all year round.
You just need
a wetsuit, tank and fins!


The most spectacular underwater photos

Take part in the Open Fotosub Online by uploading the best images from your dives around El Hierro. Dive at an exclusive marine reserve for you to enjoy in first person See all the information on the website.