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A Paraglider's View of El Hierro

On the island of El Hierro you can practise any of the different types of paragliding, such as sports paragliding, for example. Here you can always enjoy this activity in the best possible conditions, thanks to the unbeatable climate of the Canary Islands.

Come paragliding and discover the island of El Hierrofrom a different perspective. Throw yourself from any of the multiple take-off sites and you will feel the incredible sensation of flying freely, without engines, hearing no other sound than that of the wind as you discover an island of incalculable beauty from the sky.

Paragliding in El Hierro

For those who are new to this sport, paragliding is a flight modality consisting of taking off from an elevation (the top of either a mountain or a pronounced slope) in order to fly horizontally, unlike parachuting, in which the descent is vertical. Whether you are already a professional, or what you want is to get started with paragliding, you should know that paragliding in El Hierro means paragliding in one of the best places on the Canary Islands and in all of Spain.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner – before taking off, the professionals will explain the rules and basic concepts in detail, and they will give you all the material you need, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. If it’s your first time, you can fly in a tandem paraglider designed for two, a pilot and one passenger.

Moreover, paragliding is one of the best means of discovering the island of El Hierro in a different way. The trade winds, which blow constantly in the higher parts of the island, will enable you to go paragliding in optimal conditions throughout the whole year. When these winds blow, the best places for flying are those above Frontera, and when the trade winds are not blowing, you will have no problem flying on the opposite side of the island.

Enjoy the imposing views of the sea and the mountains, feel the freedom of the air in what is an ideal setting for paragliding, a sport for the bold and adventurous.

El Hierro is ideal for paragliding 365 days a year thanks to its geographical location and the gentle trade winds, whose currents help pilots stay up in the air for the longest hours possible. You will find numerous high-quality take-off areas all around the island so you can fly to new heights.

Flight areas in El Hierro

Paragliding is practised in mountainous regions as a high elevation is needed for take-off. The island has a large number of take-off areas, most outstandingly Dos Hermanas, the site of one of the most important and highest places from which to practise paragliding in El Hierro. From here, you can enjoy some of the most privileged views of the El Golfo valley and incomparable conditions for paragliding. These characteristics make this spot a must-do for enthusiasts of this sport.

The best views of El Hierro

Getting a bird’s eye view of the island of El Hierro is one of the best experiences you can have in the Canary Islands. Climb up to the clouds and discover the island’s peculiar volcanic landscape and the beauty of its coastline from the sky.

“Flying here is a huge visual explosion. I would stay up there eternally”

says Horacio Llorens, Aerobatic Paragliding World Champion

A panorama full of contrasts that are accentuated even more when seen from on high: pine forests, juniper trees twisted by the trade winds, craggy mountains, green valleys, ropy lava – all of which lend fame to the island’s volcanic scenery and small towns that will make you never want to come down.

El Hierro can be experienced from the sky, too.

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Do you want to fly to new heights?

Soon you will discover how was the experience of the winners who flew with Horacio Llorens