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Paragliding in Dos Hermanas

Famous take-off point on El Hierro

The island of El Hierro is swept by the trade winds, which favours the practice of paragliding. Dos Hermanas is a place of reference for this sport, as the different levels of altitude for take-off and the ground orientation appeal to fans and professionals from all over Spain. Somewhere to learn and do aerobatics that has also received a lot of international paragliders over the past 20 years.

Paragliding over El Golfo

Dos Hermanas is one of the best-known take-off points for flying over El Golfo Valley at different altitudes. There are several take-off options going from the lowest at 600 metres to the highest at 1,200 metres. Thermal lifts can be found in all of them, allowing you to glide for hours and gain a bird's eye view of El Golfo as you enjoy paragliding in El Hierro. The landing point is in Frontera next to the bus station.

Parapente altura

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