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Volcanic Energy

El Hierro is—along with the other Canary Islands—in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the youngest island in the archipelago and its geological story started 1.2 million years ago when magma broke through the sea bed and lava rose up through the fissure to a height of 1,501 metres, forming what is now known as Pico de Malpaso, the highest peak on the island.  

This volcanic island arose through the Earth's need to release a huge amount of accumulated energy. And you can feel this unstoppable energy at every step, in every landscape, every night and every day on El Hierro.  

A space full of nature and life

From east to west and west to east, El Hierro is volcano and life. An island that measures barely 268 km2 yet has a huge variety of landscapes.

It is characterised by its incredible contrasts, both in and out of the water. From its sea bed, considered one of the continent's main diving destinations, to its craggy coastline or its extremely dramatic sheer cliffs.

Declared a World Biosphere Reserve, this little island will captivate you with its energy.

The ideal combination of different environments brimming with life makes El Hierro an ideal island for recharging your energy levels.