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Valverde-La Dehesa-Frontera

Route around El Golfo, El Sabinar and Pozo de la Salud in El Hierro

El Hierro is amazing with its distinct microclimates and love of traditions. This route around the north of the island shows us half the island in one day. Leaving Valverde—the main commercial city—we reach the first must-stop at Jinama viewpoint. It offers us views of El Golfo Valley worth taking a moment to photograph. Shortly afterwards, we enter the laurisilva and descend to the town of Frontera.

Route to the Sabinosa Spa and the shrine in La Dehesa

To the northwest of Sabinosa, there is a spa and Pozo de la Salud (the location of a well with health-giving properties). The route then continues to the oldest volcanic part of El Hierro and Bascos viewpoint, another excellent opportunity to enjoy views of El Golfo. Nearby, we will again want to take out our cameras when we come across the trees swept by the wind in El Sabinar (the juniper forest). The route ends in La Dehesa, an unpopulated area with views of Mar de las Calmas and the Church of Nuestra Señora de los Reyes.