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Punta Restinga

Diving at the southernmost site in Spain

In front of the village of La Restinga on the island of El Hierro, in the very south of the island, there is a dive site in Mar de las Calmas that you cannot miss – due to both the fabulous fauna you can see and the sensation of flying. As it is close to the headland, it is affected by currents and waves but, when conditions are favourable, you can have an unforgettable experience. See the underwater lava tongue and come across large groupers, stingrays and trumpetfish.

A dive in front of La Restinga

The point where we drop anchor is a 2-minute boat ride from the port. There are different quality routes such as El Arco, Los Cañones and El Veril just 11 metres away. In this area, you see different animals depending on the time of day or night. For example, during the day, you might see schools of small fish such as Canary damsels, cardinalfish or "salemanes" and even the occasional manta ray and, by night, you can see common stingrays and lobsters.