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El Bajón

The best diving waters off El Hierro

Located in the Mar de las Calmas Marine Reserve in front of La Restinga, a fishing village in the south of El Hierro, El Bajón is a dive site that is known for the underwater life that inhabits its waters. One mountain with two peaks – one at a depth of 6 metres and the other at 9 metres. A perfect place for taking photos and the usual setting for taking part in the El Hierro Open Fotosub contests.

An underwater paradise

An underwater mountain with vertical, volcanic walls that mean a unique dive – as long as the currents are not too strong. You will come across different species around its rugged face, from enormous groupers to brown moray eels, depending on the depth you descend to. It is not unusual to see schools of black sea breams or ocean triggerfish swimming near the rocky wall. If you really explore, you may discover such unique specimens as whale sharks or giant oceanic manta rays. A nature show to treat your eyes.