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La Peña Viewpoint

Views of El Hierro to take your breath away

We find La Peña viewpoint in Guarazoca in the north of the island of El Hierro. The views of El Golfo Valley show the Fuga de la Gorreta: a ridge standing 1,000 metres above the sea that shepherds used to travel along, roaming freely up and down its slopes. From the viewpoint, you can also see the Salmor Rocks, the vineyards and the fruit trees going down as far as the coast.

César Manrique's viewpoint restaurant

A viewpoint named after a person: in this case, César Manrique. A pearl located at one of the highest points on the island and designed by the Canary Islands architect to pay tribute to the land and create a pleasant, cool atmosphere. The result was a work decorated with plants, windows and stone roofs. The inside is the Mirador de La Peña Restaurant, where diners can enjoy a menu featuring Canary Islands gastronomy.

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