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Caserío de Los Llanillos

A traditional village with well-kept gardens

All along El Golfo Valley, in the north of the island, there are little hamlets every certain distance. One in particular stands out from the rest: Los Llanillos. Very close to the coast, it stands out due to the good condition of its typical houses with flat roofs and bare, coloured cornerstones. The surrounding gardens are a beauty to behold. A walk that lifts your spirits.

Somewhere to rest on El Hierro

The island of El Hierro is distinguished as being the quietest of the Canary Islands, but Los Llanillos is especially quiet. Most houses are adapted for rural tourism, so it is a perfect place for disconnecting over the holidays. The perfect plan: enjoy the terrace at one of the houses just listening to the silence, take a walk around Charco Azul or go for a drive around the island.