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Camino de la Virgen

Trekking along an ancient trail

Camino de la Virgen goes through the centre of El Hierro along ancient routes that the shepherds crossed with their livestock. It runs over the island's main peaks and has panoramic views of La Dehesa, El Julan, El Golfo, El Pinar and Nisdafe. A path that crosses different forests and allows you to see the variety of forests on the island: juniper forests, pine forests and laurisilva.

A 27-kilometre-long pilgrimage

The trail takes one day to complete due to its length and elevation variance, so one option is to do it in stretches. Trekking along asphalt, stone roads and countryside. It has religious and cultural symbolism as it passes by the shrine at La Dehesa, the church in Valverde and a work by the artist Tony Gallardo: Homenaje al Campesino (tribute to the peasant).

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