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The capital city of El Hierro is inland

It is the only municipality on the island that is not next to the sea and it is located in the northeast. Valverde is the administrative and religious capital of El Hierro. At the end of the 15th century and the start of the conquest of the Canary Islands, the city belonged to the estate of the Counts of La Gomera and it remained so until the 19th century, when it acquired political emancipation. A place where the original Canary Islands architecture was ruined by a big fire in 1899.

An example of typical Canary Islands architecture

Strolling around Valverde, we can see a series of buildings and sculptures made after the 18th century. We can visit the Church of Santa María de la Concepción, which contains a statue of Christ at the Column and a statue of the Virgin, and the Town Hall, which is directly opposite it and built following the typical Canary Islands design. In spite of the city being further inland, the natural pools at Tamaduste are very close by.

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