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El Hierro By Night

El Hierro by night is like dreaming with your eyes open Under the starlight, the island scenery takes on the air of a magical kingdom. Experiences to delight your inner night owl Experiences to have and remember forever.

Five ways to enjoy a night on El Hierro

Do you prefer night to day? You will find things to do on El Hierro that will reveal why El Hierro nightlife is different from the rest:

Swim at La Maceta

At La Maceta natural pool, you will see a sunset like never before. A special swim under a warmly-coloured sky is an unforgettable memory. It describes the unimaginable to perfection: lava, sea and disconnection.

See an incredible sunset

If—instead of getting your feet wet—you prefer to spend the evening taking a walk and seeing a little of the island, there is a special light at Punta de Orchilla – and we're not talking about the Orchilla lighthouse. As the sun goes down, the sky takes on orange tones and it turns into one of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Spain.

Be amazed by the starry sky

Make up your mind to wait at the Orchilla lighthouse until the stars come out and you will see one of the clearest skies on the planet, officially protected as such because there is no light pollution at all. The universe will reveal itself to you in all its splendour. Depending on the time of year, you will see different constellations, such as Taurus, which bids farewell to autumn. Stargazing wrapped in the silence of the surroundings is an experience that cannot be put into words. See it to believe it.

Sleep at the smallest hotel in the world

If you are really looking for a unique and original experience, Hotel Punta Grande was made for you. Looking over the Atlantic from a lonely pier opposite the famous Roques de Salmor, the smallest hotel in the world will help you discover the island's particular nocturnal personality and essence.

Relax with a little chill-out

It is possible to reach the height of relaxation and disconnection. After a great day, there is nothing better than having a drink and celebrating somewhere other than the viewpoints, beaches or natural pools. For example, at Sunset La Maceta, where you can do both. Whether at sunset or at night, the view is amazing.

When night falls, El Hierro also wakes up.