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De compras en Valverde

Shopping on El Hierro

One of the advantages of the island of El Hierro is that nothing is mass-produced so shopping on this island is a real luxury. If you want to buy souvenirs, the best place to go is the capital city of Valverde in the northeast. A shopping spree could start in Calle Doctor Quintero, which is an emblematic street full of shops where you will able to find something to remember your trip by.

Shops in La Calle and where to eat well in Valverde

The shops on the main street are in “La Calle” – as it is called there. It has boutiques selling clothes and accessories, décor shops, banks, restaurants, cafés… Even some taverns, such as El Secreto. A ‘retro’ pub that is unusual for the area. Or Bar La Plaza, with traditional dishes and a good atmosphere. Or if you would prefer to get your teeth into something sweet, Mamá Mari sells classic rosquetes (similar to doughnuts) and chocolates.