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Baja Bocarones

Descent down a natural tower in El Hierro

El Hierro is home to Baja Bocarones, one of the best dive sites on the island for seeing the incredible underwater life. A descent down a volcanic wall with an altitude of up to 30 metres. Located on the southwestern coast of the island, it has been perfectly sculpted by nature. A marine area characterised by abrupt changes in height and narrow tunnels.

Volcanic dive brimming with life

There are two descents at this site, the upper one at -10 metres and a deeper one at -40 metres. They are surrounded by unique flora and fauna that can be seen around the main tower: ornate wrasses, white sea breams and horse mackerel in the deepest area: Bermuda sea chub, greater amberjacks, black coral and the occasional grouper. Depending on currents, you may also frequently see deep-sea marine life. An abrupt landscape sustained on a sandy sea bed where Mediterranean slipper lobster and common stingrays live.

20-40 m