Are you a planning a trip to El Hierro and don’t know what’s on offer? Is there something special you want to do apart from explore the island? You must take in Las Sabinas, El Faro de Orchilla,. But besides these, there are other places that simply shouldn’t be missed and things to do, depending upon whether you are alone, in a couple or travelling as a family.

Visit our museums:
• La Casa de Las Quinteras, where you can see an interesting selection of our best handicraft and, if you are interested in buying something (such as our traditional large castanets or drums), you can do so.
• El Árbol Garoé, or the Holy Tree used by the Bimbaches (the original inhabitants of the island) to collect water.
• The Lizard Sanctuary and the Guinea Eco-Museum: these can be visited together and allow you to get a view of our Giant Lizards and a glimpse into what Life must have been like back in the past, with the first settlements on the island.
• The Biosphere Reserve and the interpretation centre housed in the former Casino in Isora that explain how the distinction was won.
Centro etnográfico Casa de Las Quinteras | http://www.flickr.com/photos/elhierroturismo/6982451382/
If you like hiking, then launch out on one of our Nature trails:There’s the Jinama, lthe round trail of La Llanía, the coastal hike along las Puntas a la Maceta, or Arenas Blancas,… and a wealth more, almost all easy and all well-preserved to make your hike as agreeable as possible.
Nisdafe | http://www.flickr.com/photos/javiersanp/3507160292/
If, besides hiking, you like archaeology and want to see what life was like in the past, know about the Bimbaches and their form of writing, then you should take in the Parque Cultural de El Julán, the main archaeological site on El Hierro and one of the most significant in the whole of the canary Islands.
19.Vista de El Julan.El Hierro.JPG | http://www.flickr.com/photos/liferfe/5205003147/ For people who love the sea, we have lots of natural pools , something that distinguishes us from the other islands. La Maceta, El Charco Azul, El Charco Manso, El Pozo de las Calcosas, Tacorón…All of these are impressive pools, dug out of the rocks, where you can enjoy in full the volcanic reality of the island.
La Maceta

If you want to do a spot of fishing, you can do so wherever you want, with the sole exception of the Marine Reserve in Mar de Las Calmas. Scuba diving is also allowed in the outer waters, in the East and West of the island.
DSCN9046_1024 | http://www.flickr.com/photos/yayisantaana/6979264621/ And, of course, the sport par excellence on the island of world renown is the scuba-diving in the Marine Reserve of El Mar de Las Calmas, where the recent volcanic eruption has not only produced a much more spectacular landscape but also much more underwater activity and life.
Fondos volcánicos de la isla de El Hierro | http://www.flickr.com/photos/cabildoelhierro/6257501776/
We are also well known for the magnificent vistas from the air; so if you are daring and like adventure, don’t think twice and try you hand at hang-gliding over the Valley of El Golfo. It will take your breath away…
Copiar de IMGP0478_1024 | http://www.flickr.com/photos/yayisantaana/6979206889/