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Cooperativa de Quesos Herreños

Natural cheeses made from goat's, sheep's or cow's milk.

The Canary Islands are known for their cheeses and especially for the cheese-making tradition on the island of El Hierro, which goes back to the 15th century, when the conquerors arrived. All the products have been marketed through this cooperative since 1981. The cheeses are made using natural goat's, cow's (15%) and sheep's (5%) milk. The cheese's original taste comes from the livestock grazing on local grass and being fed fodder made on the island.

Cheeses smoked using wood from fig trees and prickly pears.

Some of the typical El Hierro cheeses are smoked for between seven and fifteen days using wood from fig trees and trunks of prickly pears. They are sold with a guarantee that they are natural products from El Hierro. They are characteristic for having a whitish colour with hints of yellow, although they are similar to the other cheeses in texture, smell and flavour. The El Hierro Cooperative is located in the north of Valverde and can be visited by appointment, when you may purchase its products.