It is an immense pleasure for us to invite you to get to know the island of El Hierro and enjoy the Nature, warmth and legendary hospitality of the islanders.

All of the Canary Islands are spectacular but El Hierro is the jewel in the crown that few people have discovered. The seventh and smallest island has always kept itself to itself, far from the madding crowds of mass tourism, a fact celebrated by the people who love El Hierro and want to keep it just the way it is. In 2000, precisely on account of this preservation, the island was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
El Hierro is the smallest of the islands in the Canary Archipelago, in the extreme South-West. With only 278 km2 surface area, the island, nevertheless, offers a wealth of different landscapes, ranging from rock and slate areas in the volcanic outcrops in the South and the West, to the fertile lands in the valley of El Golfo with its vineyards and plantations in the North-West, ranging through dense pine forests and laurel trees in the centre of the island.
The coastlines of El Hierro are rocky and steep, with cliffs towering up to dizzy and inaccessible heights of 1,000 metres, coves and natural pools that are begging for you to sink down into and relax. On the plain of Nisdafe, there are fields and prairies whereas in El Pinar there are abundant fig and almond trees.
Here, you can also bask in the legendary eternal Spring of the Canary Islands with sub-tropical vegetation in the fertile areas contrasting dramatically with the fascinating volcanic landscapes in the rest of the island.
At present, the Cabildo or Island Council is developing a plan, the Project called Gorona del Viento, to make El Hierro into the only island in the world to be totally self-sufficient in energy needs thanks to renewable energy. (
So take a boat or a plane and come and discover the island that you will never forget.