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You are promised surprises a million and countless adventures. A hiker’s paradise, the island of El Hierro offers you 365 days of spring weather that allow you to explore every inch of the bridle paths and trails, rambling at ease. And if you love a good photo, you’ll be afforded millions of breathtaking shots over the cliffs and steep volcanic landscapes from the carefully positioned viewpoints.The Hiking Network of El Hierro uses the traditional bridle paths in restored and improved form to offer this privileged viewpoint of the island. The paths conform to the international norms laid down by the ERA (European Ramblers’ Associations) and have been certified by the national federation, FEMDE (Federación de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada). The signposting is similar to what can be found in any other part of Europe, marking out three types of walk:  • GR or  Sendero de Gran Recorrido (Long Distance Walk), meaning that it takes over a day to do it. • PR or Sendero de Pequeño Recorrido (Short Distance Walk), meaning that it can be done in one sole day. • SL or Senderos Locales (Local Walks), meaning short walks under 10 kilometres that join up longer distance walks to local villages and hamlets. The paths open up a world of natural scenic beauty to the people who want to get off the tarmac and see the island at its best. Everything is spectacular, a gift for the senses of all true Nature lovers and fans of the great outdoors, from the volcanic rock outcrops in the South and West of the island, to the wild, ravaged beauty of the hinterlands. So, come and see for yourselves!!

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ROAD MAP: Discover the 278 square kilometres of this little island, El Hierro, that offers, nevertheless, a unique variety of landscapes and sights in such a small space. The good road network allows you to enjoy the wealth of variety there is to be found in the 278 Km2 of unique island landscapes, from the arid scenery of La Restinga and to the north-west of La Frontera, through the fertile and more agricultural areas of San Andrés, El Mocanal and Valverde through to the Canary pine forests on the highest reaches of the island. Nowhere is too far in El Hierro. The road network links up the port of El Puerto de La Estaca and the Airport, the entrances to the island with the rest of the towns and Tourist Centres in no time whatsoever. The tunnel of Los Roquillos, some 2,240 metres long, is the true axis of the island traffic, producing spacelessness in the timeless reality of El Hierro.

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