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Valverde is on a slope, 600 metres above sea-level and is the only capital in the Canary Islands which is not on the coastline. It is a village of 1,700 inhabitants and the site of the Island Council headquarters.

Valverde is divided into three districts: Tesine (in the upper part), La Calle (in the centre) and El Cabo (in the lower part). Except for the main road, the Calle Doctor Quintero Magdaleno (known as La Calle), the rest of the town is made up of steep alleys.

In Valverde, you can visit:

The Parish Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception built in the XVIII century, the time from which the statue of Our Lady in the church also dates.

·         The Ethnographic Centre of Casa de Las Quinteras: This is a handicraft museum where you can see examples of workshops such as the blacksmith’s, the weaver’s loom, the earthenware worker and the woodworker. The centre also has a shop where you can buy all kinds of craft work made on the island of El Hierro.

·         The House of Dr. Ghost and the House of the Count are just two of the marvels of architecture to be found in the capital city. Of particular interest are the façades and the woodwork together with the beautiful interior patios.

The municipality of Valverde is made up of the following villages:

·         Echedo

·         El Mocanal

·         Erese

·         Guarazoca

·         San Andrés

·         Isora

·         Tiñor

·         El Tamaduste

·         La Caleta

·         Puerto de la Estaca

·         Timijiraque

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