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This is a municipality in the North-West of the island.

The municipality of La Frontera, on the North-West of the island, comprehends the villages of El Golfo and Sabinosa. This municipality has been gaining importance as it has become the economic force behind the prosperous fruit exports.

Along the coast of El Golfo, you can find various natural pools that have been adapted to the effects of bathing, since the natural coastline is full of cliffs and the sea is, therefore, difficult to access. These usually have break-out areas, with facilities for barbecue, sources of drinking water plus tables and benches for picnics.

In La Frontera you can see:

·         The Church of la Virgen de Candelaria, with its magnificent independent bell-tower built on a promontory of red volcanic ash, the mountain of Joapira.

·         The Guinea Eco-Museum: This is a guided route through the caves and volcanic tubes that were once inhabited by the original settlers, the Bimbaches, and that shows how the houses and household goods have evolved over time since the Conquest.

·         Centre of Re-Introduction of the Giant Lizard of El Hierro: This is a guided tour that familiarizes the visitor with the work of the team responsible for the re-introduction of the Giant Lizard, and to contemplate several of the specimens that have been bred in the Centre.

·         The Shrine of Ntra. Sra. de Los Reyes, is in the central area of La Dehesa, which is the communal area for livestock grazing and where devotion is paid to the statue of la Virgen de los Reyes, the patron saint of the island, whose image is brought down to Valverde in the procession of the Descent every four years to honour the vow made in 1741.

·         El Sabinar, the open wild juniper tree forest included in the inventory of natural areas given special environmental protection (1975).

·         The Lookout Point of Bascos, where you can enjoy impressive views over the Valle del Golfo, the township of Sabinosa and Los Roques de Salmor.

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