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El Pinar

This is still the youngest municipality in Spain and consists of the townships of El Pinar and La Restinga.

This town is in the extreme South of the island and the people live from husbandry and agriculture. It is made up of two main areas, Taibique and Las Casas. It is the third municipality on the island of El Hierro and the locals know it by the name of ‘Piñeros’ since the residents make their livelihood mainly from tending cattle and livestock, together with agriculture in general.

En El Pinar podrás visitar:

· Mirador de Las Playas, a lookout point to the North of Las Casas at about 1,000 metres up and that offers an impressive view over the whole of the bay.

· Hoya del Morcillo, is the recrational area in mid pine forest. This is the only official camp site on the Island at present.

· Mirador de Tanajara, a lookout point that offers you a panoramic view over the town of El Pinar.

· El Julan, is an area of great archaeological interest on account of the rock carvings which you can see, via guided visit, to El Tagoror (The Place of Reunion), Los Números (The Numbers) and Los Letreros (The Signs).

· Faro de Orchilla, is the lighthouse at the westernmost point of Spain that used to be home to the Prime Meridian.

· Restingolita, is the small interpretation centre set up to chart the process of eruption of the new sea volcano that also offers a small sample of the ‘restingolitas’, the rocks spat out from the emerging volcano.

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