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5th Island Hike

5th Island Hike

April 20th - April 22nd
5th Island Hike

From east to west and north to south, the island of El Hierro offers an incalculable wealth of landscapes. From its ancient juniper forests and dense pine forests to the sharp, rocky coastlines with steep cliffs, not forgetting its geological monuments and extensive lava outflows that are proof of its volcanic origins.

An island that is small in size but huge in contrasts, where more than half of the territory is officially protected, and that can only be discovered one way: walking.

From 20–22 April, you will have the chance to discover this little treasure of biodiversity walking along some of the traditional trails that we will be showing you at this year's 5th Island Hike.

The theme of the event this year is heroic viticulture, which involves growing vines in places of great difficulty due to either the orography or weather conditions. Most of the island's vineyards have been planted in areas with lots of slopes and valleys as no other kind of food could be planted there.

This year, all of the routes suggested for the Island Hike pass vineyards and wineries, where participants may find out more about this kind of crop and try the unique varieties of grape grown on El Hierro.

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